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gira favorita: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
"The tour of my first show."
concierto favorito: 1987-11-07 - Denver
"Bad. With the 'Ruby Tuesday' and 'Sympathy for the Devil' snippets, plus a fantastic Silver and Gold, Helter Skelter, and Spanish Eyes."
álbum favorito: Zooropa
"The sound of 'Zooropa' as a whole is so out there and experimental, and every song is uniquely awesome ('Lemon's' imagery, 'Daddy's Gonna Pay's' intro, 'Zooropa's' powerful transition in the middle)."
canción favorita: Zooropa
"'Zooropa' is incredible. The transition into 'and I have no compass' is powerful every time I hear it, and the last line 'She's gonna dream up the world she wants to live in, she gonna dream out loud' has always stood out to me."

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I love music.
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