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2017-05-26 - Dallas
"This was my 13th U2 show since 1992 an.."
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The Joshua Tree
spinningman escuchó 11 songs del The Joshua Tree álbum en vivo.
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gira favorita: ZOO TV
"Saw this several times....loved being so close to the band for the outdoor show in St. Louis. What a spectacle!"
concierto favorito: 2009-09-13 - Chicago
"front and center at Soldier field with my wife...Your Blue Room, Unforgettable Fire, high crowd energy. Amazing show!!!"
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"Close second to Joshua Tree, but the songs on this album are consistent throughout. Amazing lyrics, songwriting. Holds up today as one of the all time greats. They took a huge risk and it paid off."

acerca de spinningman
U2 fan since 1984. First album was bootleg cassette of "Under a Blood Red Sky". Twelve U2 shows: Zoo TV Inside Broadcast Dallas (1992), Zoo TV St. Louis (1992), Zoo TV Kansas City (1992), Popmart Dallas (1997), Elevation Dallas (2001), Vertigo St. Louis (2005), U2360 Chicago II (2009), U2360 Norman, OK (2009), U2360 Salt Lake City (2011), U2360 St. Louis (2011), IE Tour Chicago (2015), IE Tour NYC (2015)