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Absolute Music Fan. Prince is by far my favorite, as he has perfected so many different genres and is very good to great at playing Guiter, Drums, Piano, and Bass. This is a U2 site, so talk of the Purple Guy will stop there. My life should be of little interest here, so I will say The Police were my first concert in Tallahassee, but I wanted the J. Geils Band to be the first one. I was not allowed, and years later after becoming a U2 fan, I found out that U2 had opened for Geils that night(October Tour), which still frustrates me! I was a bandwagon Joshua Tree fan who did not like TUF or War, but by June of 1987, I had the entire catalog, and by 1993 they were my second favorite act. I will say Achtung Baby is my favorite release, but Pop is somewhere in my top 3. I think I like commenting on it because I get it, and I really don't think too many do. Sadly, I don't even think U2 get it anymore, as they don't play anything from it live anymore, and in a Rolling Stone overview called it a "Hangover." Nonetheless, I ask anyone who does not like it to grab their copy out of their attic, and if it is not scuffed up like mine, you have not listened to it enough. Some Favorite Standout Songs sort of but not really in order: Party Girl(Live), The Electric Co, WOWY, Heartland, One, Love Is Blindness, Acrobat, Please, Gone, Mofo, In A Little While, Stuck in A Moment, Crumbs From Your Table, Magnificent
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