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gira favorita: Joshua Tree Tour
"I wasn't alive to see The Joshua Tree Tour, but from the videos and recordings I've seen, but its definitely my favorite. Most of my favorite album being played with other 80s U2,,, Nothing better to me. "
concierto favorito: 1987-04-29 - Rosemont
"This was the first Joshua Tree show in my hometown of Chicago. It was the first bootleg i downloaded and has my favorite EVER version of Bad. Wish I was alive to see this one."
álbum favorito: The Joshua Tree
"The songs from The Joshua Tree in the Rattle and Hum are what got my into U2 big time, and Its actually my favorite album of any band."
canción favorita: Where The Streets Have No Name
"It is unlike any thing else I have ever heard. I like to almost blow out my speakers every time I listen to it. I remember the first time hearing the opening organ in Chicago 2011 on the 360 Tour."

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