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1987-07-01 - Leeds
"The Highs Much Music Canada's MTV had .."
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The Joshua Tree
glffntc escuchó 11 songs del The Joshua Tree álbum en vivo.
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gira favorita: ZOO TV
"I was 25 unemployed able to see many shows and I did...."
concierto favorito: 1987-07-01 - Leeds
"I won a contest to see this show!!! "
álbum favorito: War
"a band still in their formative years and unknown to the majority of the world."
canción favorita: All I Want Is You
"Sorry can't choose one...depends on my mood and where I am and what I am doing"

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Father of 2 winner of the 1987 Much Music contest to see U2 in Europe. We were supposed to se the Paris Show but were changed to the Leeds Show.
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