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gira favorita: Innocence and Experience tour
"My FAVORITE Tour changes day to day, but personally my all time favorite was the Innocence and Experience Tour! 2 of the band's NYC shows (23rd and 26th of July, 2015) will remain embedded in my memory and heart for the rest of my life. "
concierto favorito: 2017-06-29 - East Rutherford
"As of this writing, this is my favorite show. The entire 1987 Joshua Tree album performed in full live. Just experiencing songs like Red Hill, In God's Country, Trip Through Your Wires, Exit and Mothers was a pleasure to listen and sights to behold. What I personally love the most from this show was the pacing and flow of the setlist: your classic U2 staples (SBS, NYD, Pride) at the forefront, The Joshua Tree album sequence in its entire majesty filling up the main set and possibly one of the most brilliant encores ever played: (The majestic anthems) Sarajevo> Beautiful Day> (The anthemic rockers) Elevation> Vertigo> (and finally the Achtung Baby Tribute to women) Mysterious Ways> Ultraviolet> One. A brilliant set! And the bands music prowess and renewed Joshua Tree stage can't be a postscript."
álbum favorito: The Unforgettable Fire
"It's my favorite U2 album because (apart from The Joshua Tree), it is U2's most full, complete and experiential album ever released. I love this album for the grand experimental textures, ambient atmosphere, cinematic lyricism and peaceful nature. Songs like ASOHC, Pride, Wire and ISS are fantastic pieces of music and IMO criminally underrated in U2's catalogue. While songs like Promenade, the Title Track, 4th of July and EPAA are beautiful and shimmering with pure emotional quality. Bad, of course, is a classic and MLK...one of, if not, the most perfect closers to an album...EVER. "
canción favorita: Where The Streets Have No Name
"Streets is THE album opener of album openers! Everything about this song transports you into another world -- a place of imagination. From Edge's epic echo intro, to Adam and Larry's thunderous rhythm section, right down to Bono's passionate, yearning vocals. This song lifts you up into the highest reaches of heaven...if for a short but amazing time. It was also the Slane Castle version of this track that ignited my passion for U2 that continues to this very day. "

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29 year-old college undergraduate, lives in NY and yes I'm a U2 fan. Also aspiring poet, writer and musician.
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