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    I agree but I'm also the wrong person to ask probably. Anything post Kid A I find more than a stretch and even that one took a bit of getting into but I do rate it highly now. Still think the bends is there best album by far, and i prefer there earlier work in general but they don't play much early stuff live so I'm not interested in seeing them.
    ...and you.
  2. I declare June 23, 2017 the greatest day in rock history.
  3. Coachella show is up on Radiohead TV ...
  4. Which one? Night #1 had all those technical difficulties.

    Edit: Why do we (I) even asked questions on-line anymore as all I need to do is type in a few words and click a few times to find my answer?

    Thanks for letting me know, Ed. I believe it's the second show. I hope some good audio/mp3 surfaces from this! Been listening to the Glastonbury and Italy shows from last month. Both are excellent!

  5. Yes its night 2...fantastic show....
  6. And yet another live gig is up on Radiohead TV

  7. Cripes. Thanks for posting, Ed - I just can't keep up. Sooooooo many AMSP bootlegs to listen to:
    2016 - Lolla Chicago; Lolla Berlin
    2017 - Coachella 1&2; Milan; Glastonbury; Werchter
    ...and now this!
    (among others!)
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