1. Many are available at guitars101.

    Loving listening to these boots. AMSP really grew on me this year....and Let Down live is absolutely fantastic!
  2. in more or less 10 days Thom and Jonny are going to play a very interesting night in Macerata at a very nice venue, benefit for the earthquake victims of that zone
  3. earlier i've run into a band marked, among others, with the label of Math Rock .. ugh
    Matt maybe you can give some lesson on what it means hehe
  4. few nights ago ,august 20th,Thom and Jonny in a acoustic concert , 260.000 euros for the wife of Jonny who will try as general manager to save some pieces of arts who were destroyed during the last earthquake . The concert was in a beautiful location called Arena Sferisterio in Macerata /Marche. I was there, fantastic night. Here a full video, not in perfect quality but ok , it's an important document i think.