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Showtime: Mon 19 Jun 01:00 AM UTC
  1. Originally posted by MattG:I don't think a single thing will change in the Joshua Tree set, Trump intro to Exit included in that.

    The ENTIRE theme of The Joshua Tree is the American landscape, both literally and metaphorically. The band has far bigger things to worry about than Trump if they want to take USA elements out of the show.

    I think even the snippet in Bad has a chance of staying put.

    The things that will really change are the speeches...he can't relate the writing of the album to the crowd in Europe the same, because he pandered a lot to "this great country" etc. so some of that will change. The RED speech before One will likely be a little different, since he's hung up on American tax payers automatically being AIDS activists, now.


    This is both true and untrue...the settling-in can definitely be a problem, but as long as they're still in the mood to make a few nightly rotations, I sincerely doubt we'll see the same 4 songs for 3 legs of an entire tour.

  2. Ending of One Tree Hill from last night.
  3. So now a snippet of elevation plus the full version later . I don't get it
  4. Same in Pitsburgh.
    Bono didn't even come over to us in RZ at all....sad.

    Originally posted by phil_lebo:No love for the RedZone. Edges piano for NYD left a bibhole in the stage and no one came by that sir at all. Disappointed for the money paid.

    Good show though.
  5. shame they are dropping the best songs
  6. I'm in the RedZone in NJ in two weeks. Maybe it'll be a little better?
  7. I'm not a huge fan of MW, but I actually didn't mind it in the set instead of UV.
    Saw the Pitt show and this show.
    I love UV, but was very underwhelmed in PIttsburgh.
    Thought MW sounded GREAT two nights ago.
    (Must be that solo everyone keeps talking about. )

    Glad I got to hear Little Things to close the show in Pittsburgh, but Vertigo is a MUCH better show closer.
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