Este tema celebra un concierto de U2 pasado o futuro, con participación de redes sociales y retransmisión en directo. ayuda

Showtime: Mon 19 Jun 01:00 AM UTC
  1. That's true but they still had 5, which is a lot of material. Especially since they were playing B-sides (Silver and Gold, Spanish Eyes) and covers (People Get Ready, Help, All Along the Watchtower)
  2. I guess Young Americans will be snippeted.
  3. It'd be cool if they never played MW again in their fucking lives
  4. Lol well it looks like it's confirmed replacing UV. They are playing to Women Visuals while soundcheckig
  5. Half arsed performances since 2001. And since a couple of tours ago, also without guitar solo.

  6. I love this band. At least we have Noel Gallagher to look forward to in Europe!
  7. Guy just tweeted guitar solo is back!
  8. U2 knows they can sing Shine Like Stars or play a solo and everything is forgiven.
  9. phillys got bruce guesting so swings and roundabouts
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