2017-06-20 - Landover, Maryland - FedEx Field


Teloneros: The Lumineers
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canciones por album

  1. The Joshua Tree (11)
  2. War (2)
  3. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  4. All That You Can't Leave Behind (2)
  5. Achtung Baby (2)
  6. Passengers (1)
  7. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (1)

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asistentes al concierto: 22

6 usuarios de Virginia:
ZooTvFan, gaelenkash, habs6011, ineverremember, stealthboy, yabit

5 de Maryland: U2_24060, bmoreravor, chambej1, revjisok, senrab
2 de North Carolina: GoHybrid, dhaygood
1 de Mississippi: lestertriplett87
1 de Connecticut: bono9904
1 de Georgia: danknapp76
1 de Indiana: Hoosier2012
1 de Colorado: u2lori
1 de Illinois: Care510
1 de Minnesota: mnU2kid
1 de South Carolina: Energy51

reseña por Jinx4

2 días atrás


I was there last night in DC. GA. I waited most of the day #432 but had to wait for my wife to get in (credit card entry) ended up 5 back on the b stage. whew! excited ...and ready for this show.

And it was fantastic. I had never been to a show with video projections like this and it was stunning (sadly the last time I saw U2 was on the original Joshua Tree Tour). More importantly Bono really showed himself to be a master performer. He gets so much shit for his politics and save the world stuff but he can perform and really make a stadium as big and dumb as Fedex Field into a tight community... where I was it felt like the tens of thousands in the stadium hung on every word and note played. It was intense, emotional and a powerful assertion of decency and old fashioned American values (welcoming to immigrants, traditions of struggle - civil rights, women's rights).. The humanity of the music and the videos was really striking.

Joshua Tree was stunning not to mention opening the show on the b stage with some of their best songs (Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years' Day, Bad, Pride)... Loved Exit, Bullet the Blue Sky was super intense and Running to Stand Still had these quiet moments where the stadium was silent listening to the Edge's keyboard notes. On RHMT -- Adam sitting next to the drum kit like they are in some practice space, Edge on keys.. was great.

So happy I went. the feeling today when I woke up - the buzz.. Excited for more U2 tours. And my wife who thought I was nuts for being so excited for the show and going early to wait out the hot sunny day in the GA line(s) thanked me repeatedly after the show.


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Where was in GA crowd super engaged.... believe it or not -- the cell phone videos and pics was not overwhelming!


I'm not sure how much of a fan I am of the GA system in place on this tour.. but it would have been easier if the Fedex Field folks and ticketmaster were clearer on how it was going to work.. there was no mention of the numbers/wristband system and because it was credit card entry ...It was stressful waiting for my wife to show up hours and hours later. I had arrived at Fedex Field after avoiding the $50 obscene parking charge by stashing my car on a side street an easy walk from the stadium and metro...(thank you God my car was still there after the show!)... After my wife made it we got in the GA line and made it in (I had drawn #432... she was in the 1,000+ but when we got in relief, joy and giddy excitement rushed over me as we were able to find a great spot about 5 deep at the b stage. We played cards with other fans (who had come up from North Carolina) and enjoyed the Lumineers who dressed kinda like U2 from 1987. Good opener.

Then U2 blew me and my wife away. Highlights included Bad (one of my all time favorites), RHMT - loved the staging, video and performance, Exit and Bullet the Blue Sky were intense, the encores were great - Miss Sarajevo was great too - a song I honestly wasn't overly familiar with; In God's Country was another highlight and Running to Stand Still with The Edge on keyboard was fantastic - the quiet moments were amazing - seriously how they keep a stadium of thousands in rapt attention was a testament to their performance. Finally I got to say Bono is a master performer - he really gave it all he had including ditching all eye where from Exit onward.

great night. unforgettable night.

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